Somebody Help!! ”I Don’t Know What To Do With My Money!”

So, now you have saved the capital or at least you have some money to do business, right? Ok, so let me ask you this: what business do you want to invest that money in? Obviously, you can’t do everything; you can’t invest in every business even if you had all the money, capacity and all other resources in the world, so you must pick and choose what line of business you want to invest in. This may sound funny, but it is very true especially among workers who know that adding an extra stream of income is key to their financial well-being.

In our capacity as consultants, we have all kinds of discussions with prospective entrepreneurs especially at the ideation level of “starting a business”. Ideation is that stage where the would-be entrepreneur has the resources (especially money at this stage) to start the business he/she would want to but doesn’t know what type or line of business to invest in. We hear comments like “I have some money, but I do not know what type of business to invest my money in”. Others say, I have a business in mind but I do not know if the business will work!”. Truth is, every business, no matter its size at birth, has the potential to become big and lucrative if the owner takes those very necessary basic steps required to nurture it to growth and profitability!.

There are many kinds of businesses to invest money in, but note that they all have their own Requirements, Challenges and Returns on Investments (ROI). We however, want to focus your attention and interest on the Retail Trading and Wholesale Trading Businesses because you can start this business at whatever level your capital and capacity can carry, more so the level of sales is always very high since you are going to be selling things that people and businesses need on a daily basis. This is one business that does not understand recession, whether the economy is up or down, people must buy daily necessities like food etc. So, our recommendation is this: Open a shop, a supermarket or a mall today! Start with the capital you have, it’s going to get you somewhere pleasurable.
The advantages of owning a supermarket or mall are many. For example, you are selling what people must buy daily, credit sales and debts are zero and opportunities for expansion are endless!

If you would like to open a supermarket or mall in Uyo, or you want to invest in wholesales business of any kind, send us a mail here: . Also visit our Facebook page Steeple Global Services or our Twitter handle @steepleglobal and let’s discuss ideas and help you begin your journey towards financial freedom!
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