Why You Need to Start That Business

Living the 9-5pm work lifestyle is most people’s dream, at least its secure, makes you feel safe and guarantees your monthly salary at the very least(whether the salary is enough to meet your needs is another day’s discussion); however I do know and I can bet you, that the salary thing is Never Enough! Your take home pay can actually not take you “home”! The secret is, you need a business, another stream of income, something to do alongside your current employment or a full-time business that can guarantee you good enough income; you need a business that will sustain your lifestyle after you lose that job! (I can hear you say God forbid! Hahahaha, everybody says that but that doesn’t still stop the fact!) or an income stream(s) that will sustain your lifestyle after your retirement. Nobody consciously or deliberately prays for the evil day but somehow, those days always come and on their own, without your invitation or prayers!

As you know, the world’s economy has been going through its toughest times and no country, no economy or currency is spared! Every new government promises the best but sadly, as usual, citizens soon discover that it’s the same old story after all: people keep losing jobs in their numbers, costs of living keep rising higher and higher everyday and companies keep downsizing, re-engineering or re-tooling their processes (whatever that means!) but they always have the same end: Job Loss! Loss of comfort and Security! Uncertainty about the future! You suddenly find yourself asking yourself WHY?(for those who love Self Pity) Or what next! (for those who decide to innovate their thinking towards solutions rather than self pity and resigning their energies and creative abilities to ugly and unexpected events!

Your questions and thoughts as to what to do to secure your financial well-being and your health through your business, is why we-Steeple Global Services– were established! We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed! Our job is to give real life, practical answers to your business related questions and thoughts! We help bring your ideas to life, work with you until that idea becomes reality and continue with you all the way through! We also help to Turn-Around ailing and struggling businesses into profitable ones. We hunt for quality talents for your organization, train and develop your human capital to help deliver value to you and your organization and engage in many other value adding activities for the benefit of your organization.

A friend-Ahmed Michael Mustapha- sent this to me this morning and I find it very true. It’s a quote from Robert Kiyosaki , author of Rich Dad Poor Dad series and business partner to the current President of the United States of America ,Mr.Donald Trump, and it says” One of the reasons the poor are poor is because they are NOT TRAINED TO RECOGNIZE ENTREPRENEURSHIP OPPORTUNTIES and what they have learnt in school is to work for Money(Wages) instead of Money working for them! Profit is better than Wages. Wages can make you a Living but Profits can make you a Fortune! Think Investment and Stop fighting about increments in salary (because) it won’t still be enough”! Hmmmm, how true!!!

If you are thinking of what business to do, talk to us! If you are thinking of taking your business to a profitable level, talk to us! If your business is struggling or giving you stress, or you are not sure if you are making money or not; or if your staff are giving you issues, talk to us! If you need partners who will work with you to turn your dreams into reality, you need to talk to us today! We have the solution to all your business needs! Visit our website http://www.steepleglobal.com.ng to see our expertise and our previous engagements! You will experience bliss and peace in that business